A Chance To Speak Up For Animals

In June 2011 I was contacted by the ABC to give comment for a story about the Cat Protection Society of Victoria. I agreed and they sent a reporter and camera operator out to to my place on the same day. About a month later I received an email to say the story would go to air on Friday 12 Aug.

Surprised to See RSPCA Vic Alongside LDH & CPS

I expected the story to be focused on claims the CPS had been misrepresenting its statistics to the public. The story ended up focusing largely on claims that the No Kill movement were “waging a cyber war” against the RSPCA, Lost Dogs Home and Cat Protection Society of Victoria. I was surprised to hear RSPCA Vic being lumped in with LDH and CPS when they are leagues apart.

Animal Advocates are Working With RSPCA Vic

The story incorrectly stated that animal advocates have been attacking RSPCA Victoria. The exact opposite is true for the simple reason that they are working steadily toward reducing their kill rates.

  • Their annual reports (including statistics) have been available on their website for many years now
  • Their foster care program saved over 600 lives in 2010
  • They respond promptly to all (reasonable) questions on their Facebook page
  • They emptied their catteries last year with an innovative ‘adoption fee waived’ promotion
  • Their ‘Twilight Adoption’ extended hours make it easier for people to adopt
  • They are open all day on weekends

"I see the No Kill activists as leading the way and that's the same with any social change."


Lost Dogs Home Are In The Doghouse

The Lost Dogs Home does not have many friends in animal welfare.

  • They reported a live release rate of just 14.2% for cats in 2010 (compared to 40% at RSPCA)
  • They won’t tell us how many animals were fostered in 2010
  • Their annual reports (including statistics) were not made available to the public till 2010
  • They remove reasonable questions from their Facebook page and ban people who ask them
  • They close at lunchtime on Sundays and public holidays

"They are cyber bullies because they're on the Internet trying to create controversy."

My Comments Were Not Directed At RSPCA Vic

I was interviewed about CPS, not RSPCA Vic. I have assisted them over the last couple of years and just last week attended their annual Seminar. I have no idea who told the producer that “the No Kill movement” were attacking RSPCA. Could it have been one of the other two shelters mentioned? It wouldn’t be the first time they let a reporter say something incorrect.

"The problem with allowing these people to be the public face of animal welfare is that they're holding back change and they're keeping us stuck in a 20th century kill model."

Stay Tuned For More On Cat Protection Society

There’s a lot more to this story. Out of the 166,000 viewers on Friday night, many will know someone who has worked there and may be able to shed more light on what goes on there. Expect to hear more over coming months.