Modern life deprives dogs of a lot of the novelty and stimulation they demand. This can lead to boredom and behavioural issues.

Fortunately there are plenty of ways to stimulate and enrich your dogs environment. I’m guessing when you were a kid you had toys and always had your eye out for a new one.

If your dog keeps finding something new to play with, she might be telling you she feels the same way. Here are some totally awesome toys we’ve been road testing on our dogs at home.


Cuz Toys

How do you improve on a squeeky ball? Give it feet of course! These guys are made of natural rubber and the squeaker is remarkably durable. My girl’s a chewer and the feet last about 3 days. She’s not managed to destroy the squeaker in three weeks though. About $10 in stores.

KONG Wobbler

We’ve never been that excited about the regular KONG toy but the dogs find the Wobbler incredibly fun. They’re a solid unit, weighing in at just under 1 kilogram but they’re not indestructible and are probably best used under supervision. About $45 in stores.


Paw Tracks Tire Biter

The Tire Biter is a made from natural rubber and nylon floss. If your dog goes through chew toys too quickly then this may be the answer. After almost two weeks of daily chewing our test model is only half destroyed. At around $30 for the large ones they’re not cheap but given how much fun the dogs get out of them I think they’re worth it.

The 'Tire Biter" is for dogs who love to chew.



Another winning toy for powerful chewers is this Nylabone chew. While possibly a little dildoesque in appearance, it’s been long lasting and has kept our dogs interested for several weeks.