Companion Animal Legislation is in a Bad Way in Victoria

27 Oct 2010: We’re practicing what we preach! Check out our campaign to abolish the ’28 day rule’

We have Laws that negatively affect dogs, cats, their owners and those caring for them.

You Weren’t Invited

These laws are dreamed up and agreed upon by politicians, bureaucrats and a handful of organisations with established relationships. The process is shrouded in secrecy and one we’re not invited to participate in. Our Council rangers, shelter animal attendants, scientists, behaviourists and other experts don’t have a say. This lack of transparency, public debate and evidence based decision making can only lead to more bad outcomes if allowed to continue.

Hope is on the Horizon

We’re experiencing a revolution brought on by disruptive technology. The Internet is enabling conversations among human beings that were simply not possible in the era of mass media. These networked conversations are enabling powerful new forms of social organization and knowledge exchange to emerge.

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There are no secrets now. Ideas are no longer controlled by the gatekeepers.

New Wave of Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare supporters are no longer content to simply donate, read a newsletter and leave it to the big organisations to take care of things. They’re getting involved.

Pets Haven Animal Shelter is a hub of conversation among animal lovers. With over 20,000 fans, this community is abuzz with conversation between real people committed to saving unowned dogs and cats. By empowering a people instead of preaching to them, this tiny shelter has gathered together one of the states most active communities. recently achieved a first for Victoria. Their Puppy Farm Awareness Day Rally brought Victoria’s animal welfare groups together for a common cause. This small group of passionate and dedicated individuals made use of social networks to get the message out to the public. The day provided physical evidence that Victoria’s growing animal welfare community is real.

Keep Your Coins, We Want Change

As a community we have an opportunity to fix Victoria’s companion animal welfare laws. There will be opposition from some with vested interests but fortunately the game has changed and a bottom up approach is now possible. We are finding our voice.

Working groups are forming to address specific issues. These self selecting groups can develop consensus internally and then enroll supporters for their proposals. is a perfect example of this new model and more are sure to follow.

Seek out opportunities to use your skills, your ideas, your experience and your passion to further these efforts (or start your own!).