Voice your objection to proposed changes to Victoria’s Domestic Animals Act

Driving this legislation

John Brumby [Premier]

Ministerial office
Level 1, 1 Treasury Pl, Melbourne 3002
Tel: 9651 5000
Fax: 9651 5054

Electorate office
145A Wheatsheaf Rd, Glenroy 3046
Tel: 9300 3851
Fax: 9300 3915
Email: john.brumby@parliament.vic.gov.au

Minister Responsible

Joe Helper [Minister for Agriculture and Minister for Small Business]

Ministerial Office-

Level 22, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne 3000
Tel: 9658 4670
Fax: 9658 4671

177 High St, Maryborough 3465
(PO Box 175, Maryborough 3465
Tel: 5461 1255
Fax: 5461 1631
Email: joe.helper@parliament.vic.gov.au

Dr Bill Sykes [Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture and Water]


Shop 2, 55 Carrier St, Benalla 3672
Tel: 5762 2100
Fax: 5762 4478
Email: bill.sykes@parliament.vic.gov.au
Internet: http://home.vicnet.net.au/~sykes

Dr Bill Sykes is collecting responses from organisations concerned about the Bill. His office has been very helpful and we appreciate the interest Bill is taking in this threat to Victoria’s dogs and their owners.

We look forward to Dr Sykes contribution to the debate.

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