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On Wed 5 May 2010, the Victorian Government’s proposed “Dangerous Dogs” Bill was revealed to the public.  While we support efforts to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the incidence of dog attacks, we believe this legislation is severely flawed in several areas. The Bill has been enacted and came into effect on 1 September 2010.

A major focus of the Bill is “strengthening council powers to control and destroy dogs“. The Bill is overly broad in its criteria for which dogs may be killed and lacks sufficient safeguards to protect the innocent. For example, a council officer would be permitted to kill a lost dog after 48 hours if the dog was unregistered and the officer reasonably believed that the dog was likely to rush at or chase a person if the dog were at large [ref. 23(1)(c)].

The Bill also increases penalties including a fine of up to $1168 for reclaiming your lost dog from the pound (or up to triple if its registration has lapsed). How does a struggling parent explain to their kids that they can’t afford to get the family dog back?

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be examining the Bill in depth. Stay tuned for more updates.